My daddy is a soldier

Soldiers can be away from their family for up to nine months.  Training, operations, pre deployment preparation, deployment (which could be to a conflict zone) or posting to a base in another country, all take a soldier away from their family home. 
The time they have together is precious, but it can be hard to build and maintain the bond especially with younger children. Through our annual Summer camp we have seen the benefits of having an Army family activity break for children.  Some children come with their parent while their soldier is away. The break for these families becomes a distraction and something to tell their soldier parent when they write to them or speak them next. 
Others use the break to reunite soldiers with their families. We’ve seen Dads and sons bonding again through camping, Dads and daughters tackling climbing walls together and Mums having special cuddles with their children by the campfire after a long time apart.
Those special moments happen just once a year at the moment at our Summer Camp.  My ultimate goal is for the charity to have its very own Residential Adventure Centre for British Army families to use all year round.
The Adventure Centre will be a focal point for families to make memories prior to a separation and to reconnect post a separation period. While soldiers are away we would offer weekends so families can meet others in a similar situation. The centre would provide various adventure activities, which would hopefully be varied throughout the year.
Being in an Army family is a unique experience, our Little Troopers have a lot to contend with.  We can’t stop the loneliness and fear children feel when their parent is away, but we can make them feel safe, secure and distracted so they don’t reach crisis point.
To achieve our centre we are launching a Fundraising campaign to raise £1million.  This would cover:
  • Refurbishment of a building to accommodate 25 families with common areas and an administration building
  • Catering areas - kitchen, dining
  • Adventure equipment - climbing wall, high ropes course, equipment store
  • An activity hall for indoor activities
  • Resource area for day courses for families
  • A project manager
  • Transport
You can help us by signing up to our Fundraising Trek in April or clicking here to make a donation.

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