My daddy is a soldier

Home coming

Homecoming is so different for every family and that's just fine, if you meet them or if you wait at home for your soldier to return, every family finds what works for them and as we all know it is very much subject to change when you get a homecoming date so try not to build up to one day to be disappointed.


Homecoming banners are really fun for some families to make on paper or an old sheet to hang out, you will know if your soldier will appreciate this or not, some don't like the fuss. You could even order one personalised banners online. 

Homecoming is very rarely the idealistic vision we have in our heads, everyone will need some time and space to re-adjust to being a family unit. Aim to not have expectations of how your child will react and dependant on age their behaviour will often vary at the return of their soldier parent. 
If you have been keeping a memory box take some time a couple of days after return to sit as a family and go through the memories. Encourage bed time stories and trips to the park but keep as much as possible normal but just with the welcome addition of your soldier.

Don't forget to give your Little Trooper their certificate which  you can download from this section!

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