My daddy is a soldier


Everyone copes in their own way but we wanted to share some ideas to help. We have lots of resources that can help you and your Little Troopers while you have a soldier away.

Chuff Charts

See our separation packs that include 10 chuff chart sheets you can easily alter to your specific period length apart, counting down helps to give focus to the time and can be done by our online count down on our website, the paper sheets in our separation packs or even a jar of sweeties and eat one a day to see them go down....all visual images which helps give perspective to a child of time.

Keeping busy

Try to keep busy and have something each day to achieve even if its a walk to the shop, each day needs a purpose however big or small

Separation Packs

These are packs of resources to ease and aid a separation period available via our online shop to purchase a pack


We work with Unit Welfare Offices to bring events to groups of Little Troopers who need us giving them a special day while they have a soldier parent away from the family home. If your unit is going on a long exercise or deployment over 3 months get in touch and we'll do our best to work with your UWO so we can come and see your Little Troopers.

Moon and Stars

Remember to remind your child and yourself, no matter where in the world your soldier is they are looking up at the same moon and the same stars, this gives great comfort to many especially at a Little Troopers bedtime.

Memory Jar

Write down thoughts, feelings, things you have done on small bits of paper including a date and pop into a jar. When your soldier returns its a great tool to use to reconnect over the time spent apart

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