My daddy is a soldier

What we do

As a charity our main objective is to support children with parents serving in the British Army, regular or reserve. At the core of what we do are our values;

We are Supportive and Welcoming

We strive to be supportive to all British Army families, regardless of their situation, the only eligibility criteria is children must have a serving soldier mummy or daddy. All families will be given a warm welcome and encouraged to join the ever growing My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures community.

We are Passionate and Committed

The charity was formed back in 2011 because a Little Trooper needed support and there really wasn’t anything out there specially for British Army children, the passion behind the founding of the charity is evident in all that is undertaken and achieved, so much is done with so little. The charity are committed every day to ensuring children are not disadvantaged due to their parents chosen career and the daily challenges that come with that career.

We are Accessible and Dynamic

British Army families are living in all four corners of the world, we aim to ensure everyone feels included and can access the support we provide quickly and easily. The shape of the British Army is consistently changing and we, where possible, try to react to that by being as dynamic as we can be for the good of the Little Troopers.

We are Honest and Approachable

First and foremost honesty is of vital importance, we are transparent in how we operate. Within the charity is a wealth of experience of the British Army, approachable is something we must be to enable us to support and provide what is needed, it is so important to us that you, our families, can come to My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures when you need us most.

We have created a community for all British Army families; rank, location, Army accommodation or private, married or not… none of these factors matter, what bonds everyone is that the children have soldier parents. We recognise the unique daily challenges children can face when a parent is serving and we aim with our events and resources to ease and aid separation periods, be it one month or nine months we will be there to support through that time.

We work closely with Unit Welfare Offices to run events for families, these events enable children to have some time to forget their anxieties, be with other children in a similar situation and to be reminded how special they really are.

Our Separation Packs are resources that keep the child and soldier connected even though separated through the parents service. This is an area we are developing with other resources to keep and strengthen the bond between parent and soldier which is so important. Recognition and celebration are also important elements of what we do, shout about how brave, special and inspirational Little Troopers are but also celebrate them and the community we are a part of.

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